Pickle Relish
is for Wussies


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Jalapeño Relish – We have made countless different batches of our relish condiment to get the product just right. We wanted to make a product that goes beyond just hotdogs (although it’s great on a hotdog!). Pickle relish is ok, but we took that idea and kicked it up a notch. Mix with just about anything to add a touch of sweet and a bit of kick.

Are you ready for a condiment to change your life? We have gone above and beyond to make an outstanding Jalapeño Relish that kicks up just about any dish. This healthy, low-sodium, gluten free food escalator brings an explosion of flavor to everything from eggs, to bratwurst, to spaghetti sauce! Foodies and gourmets are flipping over this amazing product. Order some Red Rock Relish today! Your mouth will thank you.

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